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Halogen Systems News

Offshore Windfarms Benefit From HSI's Chlorine Analyzer Technology

Halogen Systems has shipped its first batch of chlorine analyzers for offshore wind farms, designed to measure residual chlorine levels in seawater cooling systems to prevent the growth of marine organisms that can hinder efficient cooling systems.

Integrated water services News

Integrated Water Services, Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of KLa Systems, Inc

IWS, acquired by Sciens Water in 2019, is committed to providing exceptional products and services to customers in under-served markets across the U.S., demonstrating its commitment to delivering turn-key water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Aris water News

Aris Water Solutions Selected for water Research Grant by the Department of Energy

Aris Water Solutions, has announced that the Company was selected by the Department of Energy to receive a research grant related to the treatment and desalination of produced water as an irrigation source for non-consumptive agriculture.

Clean TeQ Water News

Clean TeQ Water's Demonstration Plant Ships to LithiumBank's Calgary Facility

Clean TeQ Water has completed its Direct Lithium Extraction pilot plant, which is currently in transit to LithiumBank's Calgary facility, which will have the capacity to process up to 10,000 L/d of brine and yield up to 3 kg/d LCE.

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