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Auma News

Variable speed actuation promotes calm networks and reduced maintenance

AUMA Actuators Limited provides high-performance actuator solutions for precise control of valve and penstock opening and closing speeds, offering benefits like flow control, reduced water hammer, and improved network performance.

Scottish water News

Need for Investment at Glenfarg Set Out

Scottish Water has set out the need for a major upgrade of Glenfarg’s Water Treatment Works (WTW) in a new factsheet.

Scottish water News

Improving Urban Water Quality "on track"

A new report from Scottish Water highlights the progress being made in transforming waste water systems to deliver environmental improvements.

Clean TeQ Water News

Clean TeQ Water's Demonstration Plant Ships to LithiumBank's Calgary Facility

Clean TeQ Water has completed its Direct Lithium Extraction pilot plant, which is currently in transit to LithiumBank's Calgary facility, which will have the capacity to process up to 10,000 L/d of brine and yield up to 3 kg/d LCE.

Join the 155,000+ IMP followers